Seydel and Hohner Custom Blues Harps

Of course you know by the URL that I customize Seydel Harmonicas. I’d also like to let you know that I also customize Hohner Marine Band Deluxe, Crossovers, and Thunderbirds. If you’d like another brand of harmonica just let me know, you can email me at jon@jonharl.com or call 408.531.5755 for your Seydel harmonica order. Mailing Address: Jon Harl 5731 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA 95118

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I’m excited to announce that I have a couple of suppliers of custom combs in different materials. The hottest comb I’ve been using is BRASS! Not only do they look like gold, they’re heavy. But that’s not all they’re airtight and make a rocket of an 1847 Silver Blues Harp. Let me know if I can help with your custom combs in any way. Just call me at (408)531-5755 or e-mail me at jon@jonharl.com

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